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Service and repairs – a matter of confidence

Wind turbine service providers work high above the ground, and only very few customers subsequently climb up to check on the work they paid the provider to do up there. So it is a matter of confidence – no matter who does the service on your wind turbine; the manufacturer or an alternative service provider.

 ‘Before photos’ – from a wind turbine on which we had recently taken over the service inspections.


The ‘before photo’ above shows what our technicians encountered when they ascended a wind turbine on which we had just recently taken over the service inspections from another service provider. Under the previous service agreement, the customer had invested in an improvement of the existing cooling and filtration system. That is to say, he had paid an alternative service provider to improve the manufacturer’s original cooling and filtration system.

However, the standard of this filtration system left quite a lot to be desired. It was held in place by an old, rusty mount. The dirt indicator on top had been disconnected. Apparently, the system was leaking but instead of making repairs the previous service provider had hung up a bucket to collect any oil spillage.

rodet nacellebund

The ‘before photo’ above shows that the manufacturer’s original cooling and filtration system had been removed from its original position. The cooling element had been moved to the rear of the nacelle; however, since they did not take the trouble to adapt the air intake to the new position, it had no effect. Used, oil-soaked rags and pieces of rope littered the nacelle.

 ‘After photo’


The ‘after photo’ above shows Decowicon’s gear oil cooling and filtration system as one integral unit. We chose to place the cooling and filtration system at the exact same location as the manufacturer originally mounted it. Our cooling and filtration system was developed in order to improve wind turbine operating conditions. In practice this means providing improved cooling, and filtration of even finer iron particles.

Decowicon A/S specialises in service and repairs of Nordex wind turbines exclusively. All our technicians have years of experience working specifically with Nordex turbines. And although your wind turbine might be going on in years, we continue to make a serious effort to optimise its operation. Your ageing wind turbine is not just ‘a thing of the past’ which ought to be replaced by a new, larger and more modern turbine. We can upgrade it, extend its service life and improve its operation.

This is what makes all of the difference when you ask us to service your wind turbine.


Glimpse from the technicians’ daily experiences


This is Dennis Frederiksen, technician, with the countryside of Southern Denmark behind him.

 For the sake of good order: the ‘before photos’ above are not from this particular wind turbine.




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