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 Poul Erik i styring

History and vision

Decowicon A/S was started in the spring of 2002. A wind turbine consortium had asked Poul Erik, who was at this point in time employed at the wind turbine factory, if he was interested in starting his own maintenance company.

Poul was interested and began Decowicon with contracts for just 4 wind turbines. The company however quickly began to grow and customers from both Denmark and other countries began to start using Decowicon’s services, so much so that Jette (Poul Erik’s wife) also began to work in the company.

Decowicon A/S’ greatest strength is work with, on and in wind turbines as this is where the true interest and involvement of the company and its people lie. Poul Erik and Jette also own their own wind turbines.

The manufacturer’s decision to move its head office to Germany meant that some particularly experienced and skilled technicians in the local area became available. Their skills and flexibility have greatly contributed to the building up of the continuously expanding customer base of Decowicon A/S.

Involvement and experience are our keywords in all aspects of our operations and we are very happy, through this, to help turbine owners achieve good operational efficiency and good financial performance.

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