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Our goal – few, short production stops

Correct servicing and the installation of technical optimizations help ensure efficient wind turbine operation and reduce the number of production stops to a minimum. It is unfortunately not possible to eliminate all production stops. However, when a wind turbine stops production, we react quickly. High availability is a core aspect of the services we provide, irrespective whether a repair turns out to be large or a small.


The picture to the left shows a large repair: replacement of a complete N27 nacelle.


25 years of experience with your Nordex wind turbine

Our 25 years of Nordex wind turbine experience and know-how make a big difference when the errors that have caused your wind turbine to stop producing electricity need to be traced.

A wind turbine is a complicated machine and requires the complex electrical, hydraulics and mechanical systems to function as a single integrated unit. Errors can therefore sometimes be difficult to localize, particularly when they are intermittent. We however are highly specialized in Nordex systems and, unlike other service companies, we work exclusively with just one wind turbine type, Nordex wind turbines. This specialization will be reflected in both the efficiency of your wind turbine’s operation and its financial performance.


Replacement parts

We hold all replacement parts in stock, from the smallest electrical component to the largest main component, such as gears, generators and blades. You can purchase replacement parts from us even though you do not have a service agreement with us.


Contact us for a non-binding offer.

Both our delivery times and prices are competitive. Please note that we DO NOT purchase replacement parts from the manufacturer but from the component suppliers used by the manufacturer.

Please send your replacement parts enquiries to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







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